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Mechanic’s Lien


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A licensed automotive business can use its license certificate to go through the  “Mechanics Lien” or “Garageholders Lien” process to recover funds owed on a vehicle for repairs, towing, and possibly some storage. Valid in 42 States.

Mechanic’s Lien Process

What you get

  • Pull title record for owner and liens
  • Send letters to owner, lender, and client as indicated
  • Provide you with text to place ads in the newspaper
  • Provide form for submission to the DMV for title issuance
  • Mailed with Tracking



  • Can be filed by consumers and  non-licensed businesses  
  • Overrides DMV requirements 
  • Bypasses document and notary  requirements 
  • Can be done in your local county  
  • No filing deadlines  
  • No formal notices are prerequisites,  (magistrate may add them) 


  • May require in-person visit to the courthouse  
  • Clerk calendar schedule could be  weeks of delay  
  • No preformatted documents to fill in,  applicant must prepare their own petition

Requirements / Steps:

  1. Filing of Notice Of Intent Of  Mechanics Lien
  2. Filing Of Request For Private Vehicle  Records
  3. Sending Certified Mail Notification To  Titled Owners And Lienholders
  4. Waiting Statutory Time Period (30 – 60  Days)
  5. Publishing Notice Of Sale In  Newspaper  6.  Holding Public Offer For Auction  Bidding  7.  Filing Title Application With Evidence Of Previous Steps Attached


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