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Civil Lien


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When the vehicle is in the possession of a civilian private party without documentation,  the applicant may file for a “Civil Lien”. This bypasses all DMV requirements and the court signature directs the titling authority to install the applicant as the legal titled owner, and issue a valid title certificate. Valid In All 50 States

What you get
  • Documents prepared
  • Court petition form
  • VIN verification
  • DMV forms
  • Title history request
  • Prior owner notice




Requirements / Steps:

  1. Filing Of Petition / Complaint to Clerk
  2. Prepare DMV TItle Application
  3. Prepare Affidavit Of Facts
  4. Submitting Above Documents By  Response Date (in person or by mail)
  5. Receive Signed “Judgment Of  OWnership” From Court Clerk
  6. Submit To DMV (or title office)
  7. Receive Official Title Certificate In Your Name


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