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Ohio Vehicle Mechanics Lien Title

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If you’re a repair shop with an unpaid bill for a vehicle or storage unit and you’re in Ohio, here’s the process of doing a mechanics lien or unclaimed property lien in Ohio.

First look at the Ohio Vehicle Title section, it talks about transferring out of state titles, releasing liens which we’ve talked about in other article, court order titles which maybe something that is an issue with these mechanics liens also but unclaimed motor vehicles it talks about how to do that and in order to obtain a certificate of title for an unclaimed motor vehicle the following conditions must be met. We’ll talk about repair garage or place of storage towing is about the same and if you notice all of these are automotive businesses these don’t apply to a private citizen that just has some car they want to get a title for there’s another process for that this is for an unclaimed motor vehicle at a legitimate licensed business. 

Repair garage or place of storage with an agreement that’s important all the rest are for towing or storage but if your repair garage is within agreement.

What does the form say that you have to do?

Here’s Ohio BMV unclaimed motor vehicle, the purpose of this affidavit is to confirm that the requirements have been satisfied and if you notice that it must be less than $3,500 the way it works is this you put in the wholesale value of the vehicle in box a you subtract the estimated cost of repairs to that vehicle and you subtract the cost of those repairs so A minus B minus C, right? so let’s say if you have a $5,000 I can’t have $5,000. It’s got to be $3,500. Let’s say you have a $3,000 vehicle you have $2,000 estimated cost and $500 cost of repairs once you subtract that you have to pay the difference to the clerk because you’re only entitled to the net value of your repairs.

You notice, storage fees are limited to only for the period of time it was stored without payment not for prior storage. you have to check a box repair with repair agreement storage with a storage agreement, there’s no such thing as doing this without an agreement so you have to have a written agreement with the customer that says that they’re authorizing you to do work on the vehicle. The good news is in Ohio you only have to wait 15 days to process this and you have to sign under penalty of perjury providing false information is a criminal offense misdemeanor first degree and you have to have it notarized so you can’t just make this up if you’re a repair garage and say yeah this guy brought this car in you have to be telling the truth because if you don’t they’re going to revoke your title.

What happens if the vehicle is worth more than $3500?

Well now you have to do a court order title, court order title can allow an individual or if it’s more than ten thousand dollars to apply directly and submit evidence. The first thing you have to do is contact your local court to obtain court order instructions and there’s no guarantee a court order will be granted, court order means you’re basically asking a judge to give you an order and says yep you’re the owner of the vehicle and then you bring that to the to the BMV but if you are a licensed garage and the vehicle is $3500 or less you can go through this process you do have to make some notifications, you have to send out certified mail wait 15 days and then you own the vehicle.

Hopefully that gives you an overview in Ohio for how to do an unclaimed mechanics lien, if you have any other questions you can reach our website, we have some other instructions and have services where we can assist with that if you desire.


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