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Mechanics Lien Title For A Vehicle

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How do you get a title without having a bill of sale or some transfer form to give you the vehicle?

You have two options, you can do a “mechanics lien” or you can do a “civil lien”.

if you’re a licensed Automotive facility, you have the privilege and authority to do a mechanics lien using your Automotive license, if you are a civilian or a private individual you can do a civil lien. 

The difference between a mechanics lien and a civil lien on a vehicle or even a storage lien?

A licensed Automotive facility, you can use your repair license dealer’s license Body Shop license to go through the mechanics lien or garage holders lien process, you sends some notices to the DMV and you file that with the licensing Authority and they give you a title.

The licensing Authority in your state normally called Department of Motor Vehicles is allowed to grant you a legal title certificate based on your affidavit and your Automotive license.

If you do not have an automotive license the Department of Motor Vehicles can’t give you a title but you can use, you can go over their head you can do a civil lien and have the court a magistrate with the court sign an order of judgement to force the Department of Motor Vehicles to give you a title. 

So you can check out our website it’ll give you instructions on both of those but more importantly you want to make sure that you have the correct documents to present either to the DMV or to the county clerk.

If it’s a civilian it goes directly to the county clerk what do you need to have?

Well you need to have the VIN number that vehicle, you need to have your driver’s license and your identity, you need to file a petition or a complaint whichever it is in your county every County does it different to ask that magistrate or that clerk to declare you to be the owner of the vehicle based on your word based on your story. 

Most cases you don’t have to file a title bond either to get a civil lien process started, it’s like going over the head of the DMV if you’ve been getting the runaround from Department of Motor Vehicles or getting the runaround from the title division, you can go over their head, go to the clerk of court have them give you a judgement of ownership and get the title in your name. 

Now, this is not going to work if the car’s reported stolen or if you have no right to this vehicle but it does in many cases erase financial institution loan, so if the person had a car loan with Wells Fargo this can override that if done properly.

So using the Civil lien process or mechanics lien is a way to Leapfrog over title bureaucracy or red tape, some automotive shops will use a civil lien even when they can technically do a mechanics lien, sometimes civil liens are more direct sometimes they will trump over what the DMV says for a mechanics lien, so we have a lot of clients that are repair shops that just skip right over doing a mechanics lien and go right to a civil lien.

Check out our website if you have any questions you can put comments below or email Our Help Desk.


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